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Prince Resorts Hawaii (PRH) is a trusted partner for hospitality ownerships and has been successful in asset management of several major hotel brands. Recognized for our excellence in delivering results by industry experts, we have set a standard by creating a synergized workplace, an associates first environment, leading edge operational services, integrated sales, marketing and revenue management strategies, and high-level food & beverage experiences. Each asset we manage retains its distinctive character, while recognizing the individual locale’s culture and environment.

By partnering with surrounding communities to create impactful measures which include regenerative tourism and a focus on localized community growth efforts.  All of our best practices make us a leading asset manager with a goal towards improving tourism and a creating a better hospitality environment.  All measures and focus are driven towards a better tomorrow and in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Distinction and Difference

Recognized as an industry leader with a tremendous record of success, demonstrating excellence and a profound understanding of hotel management across all disciplines.


Recognizing the trust placed in our hands, our teams take extreme care with assessing risks, finding opportunities, and developing an overarching strategy for reaching defined financial objectives.

  • Capital Planning

  • Financial Management and Reporting

  • Budget Development and Management

  • Project planning and execution

  • Maximize profitability and cash flow


The Food & Beverage leadership team is well versed in creating memorable culinary experiences and focusing on operational efficiencies to deliver profitable results.   Our culinary experiences across brands have provided unparalleled dining and banquet experiences for all guests and include:

  • Coordinated leadership of dining and culinary operations

  • Revenue and profit generation strategies

  • Back and front of house service training

  • Proven results record with luxury and resort dining experiences

  • Leading edge in banquet culinary menu concept and execution


We are a result driven management operator with a proven track record and commitment to providing:

  • Proven Revenue generation and profitability

  • Complex asset stewardship and maintenance

  • Best in class service standards, training, and guest loyalty

  • Consistent, timely, and proactive reporting and communication

  • Operational transparency


We concentrate on driving performance and improving operational efficiency; creating partnerships based on trust and track records; providing exceptional guest services; and building relationships with guests, partners, and the community.

We deliver a multitude of discipline-specific support in accounting & compliance, human resources & recruitment, information technology, and business intelligence. At the core of it all is our people, committed and impassioned with an ability to effect change.

We work with key hospitality partners and affiliates such as Marriott, StayWell, SalesForce, Oracle, Travel Click amongst others to create the most desired results possible.


Our team provides a seamlessly integrated sales, marketing, revenue management, and digital service distribution strategies to deliver topline revenue results and growth of market share.  These strategies include:

  • Sales teams: located onsite or in geographic locations to provide market knowledge and collaboration with regional national sales organizations to strategically drive room and ancillary revenues.

  • Revenue management: strategies of the team are deployed by individual hotel brands with dedicated on property leads, plus providing multi-channel revenue expertise in each region.

  • Revenue maximization and profitability

  • RevPAR optimization

  • Data analytics

  • Distribution channel management

  • Market trends and insights

  • Pricing, rate, inventory management

  • Marketing and Digital Distribution: Our marketing team creates and manages internal and external traditional print marketing, with graphic design and support, plus the ability to execute all sources of digital strategy including but not limited to online reputation management, social media strategies, creative development, CRM management, brand management, loyalty programs, and public relations.


Awarded one of the “Best Places to Work” in Hawaii and the only hospitality recipient in 2022 and 2023, we understand that an empowered staff makes the difference in presenting guests with unforgettably exceptional service and experiences. Leadership development, paths to growth and addressing employee financial, physical, plus social and personal health define our management style. We have been rewarded with an exceptional track record of loyal employees, and attracting talented associates.

Providing brand stability with an independent mindset, our team is committed and ready to put our experience and proven financial results to work for you.

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