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Doing the right thing

Prince Resorts Hawaii is committed to achieving sustainable and dynamic growth while supporting Hawaii’s regenerative tourism goals. Doing the right thing is for not only our employees and our company, but also for our communities. No one entity can do it all, but we strive to do our part in a multitude of ways.

Sustainable Environment

Prince Resorts Hawaii endeavors to be a hospitality leader in preserving and sustaining Hawaii’s environment. Our corporate-wide initiatives strive to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and to add value to the community at large. We are committed to making a difference with these initiatives:

  • Locally Sourced Products

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Waste Reduction

  • Regenerative Tourism

Vibrant & Healthy Community

Prince Resorts Hawaii is committed to giving back to the communities in which we reside. Our efforts continue to focus on preserving and sustaining Hawaii’s environment, culture and arts, promoting local economic growth, ensuring staff diversity, and positioning our brand as an actively involved and engaged corporate citizen. Our commitment includes: 

  • Arts and Culture

  • Economic Prosperity

  • Community

Progressive Corporate Culture

It is not enough to focus on revenue and growth, Prince Resorts Hawaii recognizes the value of people and provides our employees a supportive, collaborative environment and ongoing talent development. We strive to reimagine hospitality by recognizing and honoring the culture and environment of each locale combined with the best traits of luxury service around the world. Each employee is an integral partner, empowered to go beyond the expected, and encouraged with ongoing growth and leadership opportunities.

  • Hospitality Employer of Choice

  • Lokomaika‘i - Genuine Kindness

  • Lifetime Wellness Employee Programs

  • Skills Training/Leadership Development

  • Employee Recognition

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

—  Margaret Mead

Sustainable Environment

State of Hawaii Green Business Award

Presented to Prince Resorts Hawaii properties in recognition of businesses that strive to operate in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

On April 29, 2022, The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort and the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative launched its tree planting partnership, creating Hawaiʻi Island’s first carbon neutral resort, along with a new 100,000-tree Legacy Forest on-property at The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort.

Waste Reduction

Ongoing initiatives include:

  • Elimination of plastic water bottles:
    Reusable water bottles are gifted to guests and filtered water stations are provided.

  • Elimination of single use plastics

  • Laundry reduction
    Guests are invited to be a part of the solution to reduce water/energy usage with the choice to opt to decline daily laundering of towels and sheets.

  • Solid waste diversion
    Recycling and composting in food venues and employee cafeterias reduces refuse.

  • Recycle/Reuse
    Used linens donated or recycled for secondary use.

Technology & Energy Efficiencies

Always on the lookout for energy efficiencies, many steps have been taken to lessen the depletion of resources.

  • LED Lighting with motion detection is utilized throughout the interiors and exteriors of the properties

  • Energy efficient boilers and steam plate heat exchangers installed

  • Guest pool salt systems to generate chlorine and natural enzymes and products are utilized

  • Hybrid John Deere vehicles utilized on the golf courses

Natural Resource Management

Understanding the importance of sustaining Hawaii’s resources and ecosystems, PRH has implemented many programs and formed new partnerships to ensure Hawaii’s resources are not overused and under-valued.  Following are just a few of the initiatives that have been implemented:

  • Water management programs at all golf courses

    • Utilization of R-1 Effluent Irrigation water (treated sewer wastewater)  for course irrigation

    • Selection of specific drought tolerant grass types

    • Native plant species are incorporated into the landscape

  • Ocean Plastic Awareness Programs educate guests about eco-golf balls and the impact of plastics in the ocean.

  • An ongoing collaboration with the Nature Conservancy and University of Hawaiʻi, Hilo is in progress to establish baselines, conduct periodic studies, collect data, protect coral reefs and to keep pollutants from entering the ocean.

  • Our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii providesopportunities for employees and guests to participate in beach awareness and cleanup activities.

  • Prince Commitment (guest partnership) supporting Sustainable Coastlines, Make a Wish Hawaii,Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) and Anuenue School (Hawaiian Immersion School).

  • Hawaiʻi Island Conservation Fund (guest partnership), supporting The Nature Conservancy and Hawaiʻi Land Trust – created to focus on the district of Kohala where two ofour hotels reside.

  • Malama Hawaii campaign participation, in partnership with the Hawaii Tourism Authority, providing special rates for guests willing to make beach cleanups part of their vacation.

  • Coral reef and sensitive habitat protection education program for guests.

  • The Protect Sensitive Habitats: Visage™ mobile information system monitors golf cart travel patterns and programs carts to avoid sensitive habitats.

  • Adoption of a 175-mile portion of the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail, including its shorelines and forest, that traverses the Mauna Kea Resort in partnership with the National Park Service.

  • Partnership with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to protect the endangered Hawaiian native Nene goose, providing safe nesting locations and guest education about their place in Hawaii’s ecosystem.

Vibrant & Healthy Community

Local Food Consumption and Production

Our own gardens supplement restaurant menus with homegrown produce.

Our commitment to support local farmers and vendors contributes to the economic stability of our communities. On Hawaii Island, more than 80% of food for our restaurants is purchased locally from farmers and 95% of fish from local fishers.

Our partnership with the North Kohala Community Resource Center (NKCRC) supports a state project that implements school-based farm-to-table meals in the school cafeterias and allows us to support the Kohala School Complex with contributions for purchase of equipment.

Our own apiaries on Oahu and Hawaii Island provide pollination for local farming, flowers and native plants, and honey for our guests and kitchens.

Arts and Culture

Prince Commitment (guest partnership) supporting Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) and Anuenue School (Hawaiian Immersion School).

On-site support for local artists and encouragement of island talent:

  • Commissioned installations for various hotel public spaces, such as the Hulali i ka la (“Glistening in the sun”), created by Kaili Chun and Nicholas Bright, in the lobby of the Prince Waikiki and original paintings by Solomon Enos at multiple properties.

  • Live entertainment providing a spotlight for young island entertainers.

Partnerships with local art organizations provide guest exposure to the cultural richness of our islands:

  • Honolulu Museum of Art

  • Bishop Museum

  • Hawaii Contemporary - Hawaii Triennial

Collaboration with the Bishop Museum protects an extensive and priceless Asia Pacific collection of art, kapa, and Hawaiian quilts at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Complimentary Art tours share the legacy and wonder of the collection.

Community Outreach

  • One of Hawai‘i’s Most Charitable Companies 2023

  • Corporate Make a Difference Program provides every employee a paid day to donate their time to the community in a way that matters the most to them.

  • Partnership with Mana Up Hawaii, an economic development program, accelerator and venture fund for Hawaii-based companies. Prince Resorts Hawaii hosted the first pop up location on Hawaii Island at Mauna Kea Resort, and Prince Waikiki is host to its first hotel store location.

  • Prince Commitment (guest partnership) supporting Make a Wish Hawaii.

  • Corporate participation and support of the Hotel Lodging & Tourism Association Annual Charity Walk, including year-round fundraising.

  • Support of a multitude of organizations including, Helping Hands, Aloha United Way, Kupu Hawaii, The Nature Conservancy.

  • Support of multinational sporting events, including Honolulu Triathlon and Big Island Ironman.

Education Programs

A Prince Resorts Hawaii-developed mentoring program targets Hawaii’s youth: At Elementary School - introduces them to hospitality and what it means to share Aloha; at Middle School - stresses the importance of thinking responsibly and how important attitude and personal pride are for any job; at High School - focuses on career opportunities and how to prepare to enter the job market. Sponsored school visits, as well as hotel visits, gives school groups a firsthand glimpse of a working hotel.

Partnership with ClimbHI, a local non-profit, a hands-on youth outreach and education program inspiring youth to select careers in the visitor industry. LEI (Leadership, Exploration, and Inspiration) students partake in tours and opportunities to speak with and shadow staff. Some students have the opportunity to experience overnight stays, compliments of the hotel.

Jr. Ambassador program: This program provides internship/training/employment opportunities for those choosing to enter the workforce in lieu of college.

Internships/Mentorships: Many opportunities for growth are provided by internal mentoring and training programs, inter-department and inter-hotel cross training, along with international exchange opportunities between Japan and Hawaii.

Hawai'i Lodging and Tourism Association Citizen Scholar Awards  - Annual co-sponsor of high school senior scholarships.

CHI (Cultural Homestay International) partnership features J1 programs focused on leadership development within the hotel industry.

" The staff at the Prince Waikiki provided the students with a valuable opportunity to experience the different career paths the hospitality industry has to offer. Each member of the team who explained their role within the hotel shared meaningful experiences and was able to connect with the children. The behind-the-scenes tour added to their understanding of how hotels are run and operated. Our students have a better understanding of career opportunities within the hotels, and many have expressed a desire to be a greeter like Uncle George or manager of housekeeping like Aunty Jojo. We appreciate the Aloha and generosity of time and resources Prince Waikiki shared with our Liholiho students. "

—  Public Feedback from School

Progressive Corporate Culture

Prince Resorts Hawaii strives to embrace and share the values of Hawaii and the various ethnicities that contribute to a cultural fusion that is known for welcoming hospitality, reverence of the environment and respect and care for all people.

Employed at Prince Waikiki since opening in 1990

Lokomaika‘i (Sharing Genuine Kindness)

Lokomaika'i is the essence of the Prince Resorts Hawaii culture, genuine care for one another and our guests, treating all with respect, fairness, and integrity.

We firmly believe that it takes all kinds of people-from a broad array of backgrounds, personalities and points of view to create a hospitality company that appeals to a world of diverse, international travelers. As such, we are committed to a culture where diversity and inclusion combined with collaboration and innovation paves the road to success.

Drawing on the talents and dedication of people from all walks of life and every age group and strengthened by our differences, Prince Resorts Hawaii is creating a work environment in which each employee can contribute to our success and be recognized for his or her efforts. Empowered to make decisions at every level, opportunities for growth through training and mentorships permit all who are willing to succeed.

Blue Zones Project Approved Worksites

The Blue Zones Worksite® Pledge promotes evidence-based actions and lifestyle principles to create healthier work environments for employees and recognizes employers in Hawai‘i who create healthy work work environments and empower employees to be happier, healthier and more productive.

Lifetime Wellness

We are committed to care for our team’s well being, not only in the workplace, but also throughout their entire life journey. Our Lifetime Wellness Program is designed to help build a more fulfilling life for employees and their families by addressing four key wellness areas: Physical, Personal, Financial, and Social.

Dynamic employee benefits address four key wellness areas - financial, physical, social, and personal - that speak to the needs of our team with a look to the future.

Best Places to Work

Recognizing the value of our people, Prince Resorts Hawaii provides a supportive, collaborative environment with ongoing talent development. Knowing that people are the bedrock of success, decisions are made accordingly. In addition to competitive pay and benefits, staff are empowered to make independent decisions to enhance guest experiences and increase productivity. A history of internal promotion is testament to Prince Resorts Hawaii’s strong development and mentorship programs. Interdepartmental and inter-hotel collaborations are fueled by our vision of international growth. We are committed to Hawaii’s communities, protection of the environment and culture, and growth of the state’s local economy sustainably. The result is a highly collaborative and supportive environment, an ‘ohana that truly cares for one another and its community.

Employee Recognition and Appreciation programs

Internal employee recognition programs boost employee engagement and celebrate team successes. Monthly, quarterly and annual employee programs recognize both individuals and departments at each hotel. An annual Prince Resorts Hawaii President’s Award is awarded to the employee(s) or department that best exemplifies our core values:  genuine care, respect for everyone, unconditional ownership and a passion to excel.

Peer-to-peer recognition programs give coworkers a myriad of ways to thank those who have gone beyond the expected, Appreciation celebrations reward employees for their hard work and successful initiatives.