Voted as one of 2022 Hawai'i's Best Places to Work and the only recipient of the 2022 Best Place to Work in Hawaii Hospitality, Prince Resorts Hawaii strives to make every experience count, including your experience as a Prince employee.

We work together as a team, but we also value individuality. We recognize that it's important to provide career opportunities that enable you to create your own career path, whether you are just starting out or a longtime, seasoned team member.

To help you further develop your talents and skills, we provide learning opportunities that range from on-the job training and peer-to-peer collaboration, to formal training to help you realize your dreams. There are also opportunities to work internationally within the Prince Hotel network.

If you're ready to grow with a leader in Hawai'i's hospitality industry, we invite you to review the career opportunities at Prince Resorts Hawaii. We'd love to welcome you to the journey of a lifetime.

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As a Prince employee, you can look forward to a competitive salary and a benefit package that includes medical, vision and dental care, life insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and contributions to a 401k.

Complimentary rooms program, dining and golf discounts, and programs and activities that are designed to help you attain a better work-life balance round out your benefits package.

  • Meal Allowance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Medical, Dental, Drug, Vision Care
  • Medical Waiver Incentive Program
  • HRA - Health Reimbursemnet Account
  • 401(K) Retirement Saving Plan
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Sick Leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Family and Medical Leave Entitlement
  • Employee Hotel Discount Privileges
  • Employee Food and Beverage Discount Privileges
  • Employee Golf Discount Privileges
  • Logo Merchandise Discount
  • Discounted Movie Tickets

Lifetime Wellness

Our Lifetime Wellness program is designed to help you build a more fulfilling life by addressing four key wellness areas: Physical, Personal, Financial, and Social.

Financial wellness involves learning smart money management. Money, when managed poorly, can impact health as well as work performance. Lifetime Wellness provides access to experts who can assist you in maximizing your financial wellness so you're prepared to manage your money today as well as potentially stressful financial situations in the future.

Physical wellness is focused on your individual needs. Activities range from yoga classes and massages, to biometric screening and personal health services.

Social wellness refers to the ability of employees to interact with one another. It emphasizes using good communications skills, having meaningful relationships, respecting yourself and others, and creating a support system that includes family members and friends. Social wellness is a learned skill that can be acquired and we have programs designed to enhance your skills.

Personal wellness is the ability to successfully handle life's stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. The program's focus is on emotional resilience, coping with loss, reducing stress, strengthening social connections, getting quality sleep, and being mindful of what's happening in your life so you face situations more confidently.


We all want to love where we work. A company's culture has a lot to do with how we feel about our company and the people who work there.

Lokomaika'i (sharing kindness from within) is the essence of the Prince Resorts culture. It expresses who we are and how we care for one another and our guests, treating all with respect, fairness, and integrity.

Prince Resorts Hawaii is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe it takes all kinds of people-from a broad array of backgrounds, personalities and points of view-to create a hospitality company that appeals to a world of diverse, international travelers.

Our team is comprised of talented and dedicated people from all walks of life and every age group. Strengthened by our differences, we are creating a work environment in which each employee can contribute to our success-and be recognized for their efforts through employee recognition programs and awards for team members who have attained major milestones.

Prince Resorts Hawaii is also committed to giving back to our host communities. One way we do this is through our Make a Difference Program. It provides every employee a paid day and the opportunity to donate their time to the community in a way that matters most to them.

When we care about our work, each other, and our community, we foster the feeling of sharing this journey together.

Me ka lokomaika'i - our spirit of sharing kindness and generosity; our value of being present, sharing your personality with kindness and generosity and working hard to create your personal legacy in all that you do.

Me ka lokomaika'i is the coordination of hearts and minds working together to do what is right, at the right time and with the right intention. It is valuing and respecting one another while understanding that our diverse backgrounds and experiences all represent opportunities for learning.